Extra Debit Card Protection When You Shop Online

MasterCard Secure Code is extra protection for cardholders making purchases online. There is no need to enroll for the service; every Northwestern Bank customer has this added layer of security when using their Northwestern Bank MasterCard debit card. Instead of a password, you may be presented with challenge questions to authenticate purchases.

How does it work?  100% of transactions from participating merchants will run through a risk assessment during the approval process and be designated either Low Risk or High Risk.

Low Risk transactions are approved without presenting challenge questions.

High Risk transactions will require you to answer some challenge questions. During the approval process, a screen will pop- up with the Northwestern Bank logo. Just answer the questions to complete your purchase. The questions that will be asked are:

  • Last four of the SSN#
  • Card Expiration Date
  • Billing Zip Code

Look for our logo to know that you are answering legitimate challenge questions.

If the challenge questions are answered incorrectly three times the card will be locked from online purchases for one hour.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact our Customer Service Center at (231) 935-4357 or toll-free (866) 935-4357.

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For your protection, do not send account numbers
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