Alert: Phishing E-mails Posing as TurboTax Messages - 2/15/2013

We have been made aware of a phishing campaign currently underway that is using e-mails that appear to be from TurboTax.

If you receive e-mails that appear to be from TurboTax saying “Your State Return Has Been Rejected,” please be aware that these are not from Northwestern Bank or TurboTax. Please do not open the attachment and do not forward the e-mail. Delete the e-mail.

Recommended steps for those who may receive the phishing e-mail:                    

  1. Do not open the attachment in the e-mail.
  2. Do not forward the e-mail to anyone else.
  3. Delete the e-mail.


Below is a copy of the fraudulent e-mail – the attachment was named  “”

This is the end of the fake e-mail.

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